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DIFFERENT LEAF’s editorial is high-quality, thought provoking and authoritative on the issues of legalized cannabis, and crafted to be useful to those who have little to some experience with cannabis, and are drawn to incorporating it more into their lives.

Part reference and part lifestyle guide, never stuffy, with an award-winning design, DIFFERENT LEAF presents the people, products, businesses, and issues of the burgeoning cannabis industry to sophisticated consumers hungry for locally sourced editorial.

Our readership is made up of those older cannabis users 45+ seeking out the best information they need to navigate this new environment.  DIFFERENT LEAF reaches those readers who are looking to expand their knowledge of cannabis, inspired in their search for information about the new and rapidly evolving reality of legalization.

They are considering the broad range of options now available to them, from the overwhelming number of strains, to delivery methods beyond the common flower variety, to the different expertise of each dispensary.

As our readers’ experiences with cannabis grows and matures, so will our editorial, which will keep pace with their expanding tastes and desires. 

For more information, contact our Publisher, Michael Kusek

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